About Us

Haussmann Architects and Urban planners was founded in 1982 by Architect Elisha Haussmann.


Our staff consists of 12 skilled and professional architects, landscape architects, practical engineers, and office administrators. The design and planning work combines architects, landscape architects, and urban designers in accordance to the character of the project.


Decades of experience as well as hundreds of completed projects enable us to provide creative and effective solutions for large scale complex projects. Close attention is given to the quality of the architectural planning, personal involvement at all stages of the project, complete supervising on each and every detail on site as well as strict compliance with meeting the project’s deadlines and requirements.

Haussmann Architects - Architect Elisha Haussmann

Haussmann Architects and Urban planners is headed by Elisha Haussmann who is an Architect and Town Planner, certified by the Technion Institute (1977) in Haifa; He also holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Statistics from Tel-Aviv University, 1971.



Elisha has specialized in Architecture at the Award winning office “Yahalom Tzur Landscape Architects” between 1976 – 1982.


Our office is registered in the list of offices that train post-graduates in architecture in Israel.

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